Have you ever wonder why your thin friend can eat more than you and still he has lean body ?


There are many ways to increase the metabolism and the best is to use them all together to increase metabolism throughout the day for maximum fat burning.

Before we start, metabolism can be broken up into two parts. Resting metabolism and active metabolism. Resting metabolism is as the name suggests your level of metabolism when you’re not very active. Like when you’re sitting at the desk or in front of the TV. Active metabolism is when you’re very active, like during a workout.

Because your metabolism is higher only for that one to two hours when you train, it does not really make sense to try to increase your active metabolism further. Your resting metabolism level, however, is maintained for more than 90% of the day. Therefore, you’ll be able to burn many more calories if you increase your resting metabolism. And it’s really very easy to increase your resting metabolism. Does this make sense? You can increase your resting metabolism for a longer period of time to burn more calories and more fat.

Well then, how do you increase resting metabolism?

First thing, immediately upon waking up in the morning, drink 500 ml or more of icy cold water. The water must be really cold. The cold water sucks all the warmth from the body and consequently, your metabolism kicks in to produce energy in the form of heat. It has been shown in some instances that metabolism can be boosted by up to 33% by drinking cold water when you wake up.

Your metabolism will also remain high if you eat 5 to 6 smaller meals during the day instead of three larger meals. That’s because your body must constantly work to digest and absorb the food you’re giving it. And because your meals are more frequent and healthier the body stays active morning till night.

You may also increase the metabolism by eating complex carbohydrates and lots of fiber, like in the form of fibrous green vegetables. Carbs must be of the complex, low GI variety. And your meals should be more protein oriented. The reason for this is because its much harder for the body to digest protein, complex carbs, and fiber. That means your metabolism will remain higher as the body works harder to break down and absorb these foods.

Then also, the metabolism may be increased by using spices like cumin and cayenne pepper on your food. Cayenne pepper has been shown to improve metabolism, even to such an extent that some people put cayenne pepper in capsules and drink those to aid in fat loss. These spices may be really effective. Another effective compound to make use of is caffeine. A cup of coffee or green tea will give you a boost in metabolism. And then staying hydrated and drinking lots of water during the day will keep all your systems functioning at their best and your metabolism high.

Finally, thermogenic fat ripper supplements can also be used to increase metabolism. Make sure you use the products safely though and drink lots of water.

If you can make use of these methods, you should be able to increase your resting metabolism quite a bit. And for 90% of the day. That means you’ll be able to burn off more calories during the day to lose more fat.

When you train and you’d like to increase metabolism, engage in activities that’ll increase your heart rate and cardiovascular demand. Lift lighter weights and do more reps, move faster but not so fast as to lose form on your movements. Decrease the amount of time between sets. Circuit training works well, as well as kettle bell swings. And then slower cardio exercises like walking uphill or biking with some added resistance should help. These exercises must increase the heart rate, so check out for that when you train.


~ From Quora