Adjective Endings


Dative and Genetiv takes en as ending  for whatever case it is.


Purity of Heart


How can one define the purity of water? Take a glass of water and it’s not showing any flakes or dust means it is pure. or one has to test it chemically or do a microscopic test.Whatever it is it always contain some particles under microscope and that’s why it is not pure 100%. But with bare eyes, it is absolutely rubbish to comment on cleanliness. The same thing happens with men.

Chandler was the man of silence. He was extrovert but he contained lots of secret of him as well as others.  Racheal was the witty and mature enough in a group . But chandler contained a secret of her. It was good between them till the heat came in relations. Monica had boyfriend Ross and the were made for each other.

The day comes and Racheal outburst everything on a Chandler with whatever she thought about him and now everything was going to be changed. A person who holds your secret is the deadliest weapon. Who will can you a wise man if you scold that weapon which can kill you in an instance. A foolish will do that and that was Racheal. She strikes hard and tells scars words to him. A man has generally more endurance for anger compared to women. But there is a clause when time comes men destroys everything including him. First, he tries to rescue, then survive and then destroy when water goes beyond level.

Everyone doesn’t know about Racheal’s secret, not even Ross, that secret can destroy the life of her. Trust is based on that slim string which is seen as pure white by everyone until someone burns it and changes its colour to black. everyone appreciate the strings strength and whiteness because no one knows it could be burn. Everyone thinks that relationship or trust is hard and unbreakable between Racheal and Ross.

Now Chandler is on a moral dilemma. Either he can use the secret burn the string and show everyone that in real it is not strong and always white. He could silently walk out destroying people, what is his fault? He just revealed truth. Can Ross do untold the words ? or Racheal denies the proof she gave? why would chandler not take his revenge?  Why did he endure the damage which was not of his part? what is wrong in telling truth though it destroys someone but it’s true. Everything goes with a perception of him.

Thinking that what is the fault of Ross, he keeps his mouth shut. Racheal thinks he is a convict. Such a fool !!! Within a second everything will be ruined. But he keeps that somewhere deep in his self. Why did he keep shut his mouth?  What would one call him?

” The purity of heart  ”

Where hearts are pure, intentions are pure but Methods are wrong, who cares !!! It’s all right. Because the heart is pure.


The Trust Dilemma


A 21-year boy was there, with lots of dreams and shaking life. He was the ambivert , shy. Sometimes over speaking, blatant sometimes silent like space. it was not new for him to have a trust issue, the reason remains secret forever, neither anyone asked to him nor he tried to explain. rather – just walk out he preferred.

This time he was again with a girl, the result was same – being apart. but the case was unexpected and unknowingly sudden.

Two times in a life he got zero in love. Every time a girl came, watered his heart, grew a beautiful flower plucked it and ran away. However, though the results were same the path and experiences were not. for the first time in life he got a girl with whom he decided the name of their children. who doesn’t do it? He was convinced everytime by that girl and he left questioning. A human psychology says when you allegate someone, he tries to defend himself, he became defensive and forgets about his attack, after few conversation he manages to save himself and forget the real question that he was never wrong but the person alleged him and feared him, he got busy proving himself right and the real thief got out of his mind. He forgot that everytime he raises a question he is distracted and on contrary, he is accused of being the less trusting person. somehow time by time it got blended in his nature and he never raised the question to the girl. The time came when the bubble burst, the girl broke his trust, cheated him. This time he knew but rather the girl came up an idea of breaking up with him.

Now here the boy had lost his mind, was he in a scam or a dream in which he was the puppet? He got trust issue and never trusted anyone because of fear of being cheated.Time by time it gets blended in his nature and he got completely his faith out from all girls.

Meanwhile, he is introduced to a new girl. “Alert !!” His mind says. This time a girl was immature and blindly trusting him. She was childish but pure from the heart. Her feelings were right but the method of showing was not. The heart does its work always and he got her second love. A mixture of Heart and Mind is more dangerous in a relationship , rather you use only one. He uses both of them and that makes him more attracted towards girl but not trusting her always. A metric failure is called the highest educated in a village where everyone has never seen school. The boy was like that metric fail guy, the girl was childish, immature but pure from the heart. Boy’s mind could not understand her true love and his heart never her behaviour. He always had an eye of mistrust on her and she went away from her.

This time the boy lost true love he was searching for many time after it went away. Due to his trust, he was cheated, due to his alertness he mistrusts a trustworthy person and paid. He was not wrong in his place, he used his experience to take decision.

Now the dilemma comes.

A girl comes in his life. he doesn’t love her but has feelings for her. A girl doesn’t want to come in a relationship but equally attracted to him. A boy knows everything about a girl but she knows nothing about that introvert, shy and feared boy. A boy gets slightly attracted and suddenly girl wants her own space. A boy has experience of cheating, pain of loosing love, trust, mistrust, lies and every hard feeling possibly one can have.The boy is annoyed, he doesn’t want to loose her, he becomes irritative, uncontrollable due to fear of loosing this girl. He double checks everything to strengthen his trust in her, but she took that doublecheck as mistrusting behaviour of him. Few days quarrel overflows the capacity of girl to bear him and she alleges him for not trusting him. Despite seeing anything else or try to know the behaviour of that boy she tries to define her own terms on his mind. she alleges him for not understanding her but she never tries to understand him. She makes the boy believed by some story that she is cheating him and boy believes her just because she id firm in saying and he is feared of loosing her. It becomes a case like he lost his real love. So he believes her without question because he wants to trust her. Few minutes after girl

Few minutes after, a girl reverts back her sentences and questions him for trusting her. Why did he believe her that she was cheating him? Boy gets convicted for what he was said to do. She blames him for lack of trust because he believed her story of having a boyfriend. She questions him why he believed her story? Didnt he has trust on her? Everything becomes self-contradicting.  He is never understood by her, he is never asked a single question, he is ordered to believe something and he gets convicted for following that order.

Everything was needed a talk which never happened. A girl ignored him. She thought different picture which he never explained to her. A sound of silence remained between them only. It’s not silence, it’s killing sound actually, which will widen the gap between them with time. Everything needed to be was a simple, Missing talk.