Power Nap & Productivity

Power nap is sleep of less than 30 minutes.
It is said that power nap during day is necessary to boost your productivity .
30 minutes power nap makes your mind fresh . It is necessary to wake up just before you enter into sleep , a power nap is just starting of sleep . when you sleed you gradually sleed through step by step , in first stage you are not in deep sleep , you are aware and it can be broken by small sound , but to be prepared for that stage your mind first refreshes and becomes stress free .


In china workers are allowed to take powernap during working after meal , so that they can work harder with more productivity which inturn to the higher production rate .

On contrary India is pathetic and thinks a person should not sleep during working ours ,  we take him as a “kaam chor ” That is a always provides loss of health and productivity also .

A student should take a nap for 30 min while studying after 2 to 3 hours .

What is perfect time for nap ?
For me it is around 3 PM  , It varies according to your schedule , you should decide when will you take a nap and when your body needs it.

There may be more than 1 nap per day , I wake up at 5.30am and run for 2 km then exercise and take a nap at 8 am .

try out once and see how it boosts you body.


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