How to become a Gentleman.


The word gentleman is as simple as complex it seems. How can you decide a person is gentleman by seeing him .
We always see someone knowledgeable more than us or with good attitude and etiquettes or speaking good English and we are flattered by his personality and immediately think how can I be like him.

Its not complex to be gentleman , for it you have to first define term gentleman.

A person who is balanced in all terms is gentleman , who possess more knowledge , behavioural stability and presence of mind.

Qualities a gentleman has :

1- Observation – A man who observes more and don’t speak without knowing sufficient about a topic is gentleman in real terms.

2- Persuasion –  A power of persuasion is ability to make someone say ” yes ” for you . It is called also an ability to influence someone.

3 – Boasting – A gentle man neither boasts nor conserve the knowledge . He has the simplest explanation of whatever he know .He believes in sharing and never being conservative.

4 – Happy by seeing someone happy – The whole world has problem if one sees someone happy his heart is burned. People seems smiling from outside but they are burning alive from inside if you are successful. That’s where a gentleman differs.

5 – Reflect As You Are : A person should reflect as he is from inside. No one other than a mirror knows you. You can not lie to mirror. A person knows how bad he is , how many times he has cheated someone , Where will you run from truth asked by your heart ? A person should be honest at a level at which he can see himself in mirror and say yes I am true.

6- Truth : It is a subject of conflict and it is also an art to learn when to speak truth , sometimes a fake sentence can benefit many people in place of if a truth would have been spoken . An art of truth takes time and experience , its judgmental and a gentleman is truly gentleman if he is master.


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