Golden Rules For German Grammar

## Dative case : ( to the ) , Dative is only used when there is Indirect object in sentence , Dative is generally only used for Animals and People
why ?
Because we never  give things To the things . we only give something to someone or feed animal but not feed table or give a pen to a table.

# Dative is used for STATIC verbs . which shows action in static not moving . e.g. You are at someone’s place watching tv.

But if you are Entering the restaurant then it is not dative.

# In , An , Aus , Mit ,Zu : After this words there should be a compulsory dative case.

# Time : When time is shown there should be  Dative. 

e.g. Im August

#Dass : While using “Dass” verb will go to the last place despite second place.

e.g. Du willst mich besuchen

Dass du mich besuchen willst.

# Nicht:  It is used to negate the verb e.g. Ich kann nicht kommen.

Kein :  It is used to negate the Noun . 

# immediate after ist and heißen there will be Nominative case , no Akkusativ or Dativ case .

# City names never take an article, e.g. Im Berlin is wrong , in Berlin is right

Here are some points to remember about conjunctions and clauses:
• If you are linking two clauses with 
und and the subject is the same in both
of them, you don’t need to repeat it in the second clause.
Denn and weil both mean ‘because’.
Wenn and als have a slightly different meaning in German, but English
does not di
fferentiate and uses only ‘when’.
• In a subordinate clause, the 
finite verb is always at the end.
• There is always a comma before conjunctions introducing a subordinate
clause and before 
aber and denn.

# Adjective endings :

  • Always use strong endinggs when following :
  • Indefinite article (ein)
  • Possessives
  • Kein/keinen/keine .

Difference between Damit and Um…zu... (both mean – In order to)

  • Damit is used when subject is changed in subordinate sentence
  • Um..zu.. is used when subject is same

Apostrophe s

  • using genetive you should put “S” after noun but only in Mask/Neuter not in Fem.

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